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January 30, 2013- Consecration to Our Lady: My Personal Story of Conversion and Consecration. (Accepting the vocation, gifts of the Holy Spirit, Roman Ritual vs. Book of Blessings, New Roman Missal)

April 10, 2013- Consecration to Our Lady: The Role of Woman and Femininity. (Guest, Joanne Ranallo; Elementary School Teacher, Former Youth Minister and Former Corporate Executive Assistant)

April 24, 2013- Consecration of Our Lady: Your Faith is the Victory; Hope in the midst of Suffering. (Guest, Colleen Willard, Healed of inoperable brain tumor in Medjugorje)

May 22, 2013 – Consecration to Our Lady: Crying Statue in Chicago-1984. (Fr. Ray Jasinski shares his experience with his Rosa Mystica Statue that cried tears).

August 21, 2013- Consecration to Our Lady: The House of Loreto.


February 2008 – EWTN Homily – Signs and Wonders

June 5, 2008 – EWTN – Smelling the Roses: Re-Missionizing the West

February 19, 2001 – EWTN