MAY 29 - JUNE 7, 2020
SEPT 25 - OCT 4, 2020

(10 days each)

Day 1

Depart Chicago

Day 2-10
Pilgrims will have 7 days in this oasis of peace, having time to visit and attend Holy Mass in St. James Church, be present during Mirjana’s public apparition on June 2nd, climb the Hill of Apparitions while praying the Rosary, and hear talks and testimonies given by priests and speakers as well as the visionaries themselves. Pilgrims will also pray the stations of the cross while climbing Mt. Krizavic, visit the tomb of Fr. Slavko, visit St. Theresa’s Castle and attend the Holy Hours of Adoration.

Day 10
Depart Medjugorje / Return Chicago

To sign up, call Garrett or Margaret
Please call after 5pm, Monday-Friday

About the Pilgrimage

This particular pilgrimage to Medjugorje is more of a retreat than a tour. Pilgrimage means to search and journey toward an encounter with God. On this pilgrimage, we journey toward God through “Gospa”, Croatian for “Our Lady”. The main experience of this pilgrimage is Conversion. Conversion is a new awareness of God and His presence and effects in our lives. Conversion is also ongoing. So, if this is your first trip or you’ve been to Medjugorje many times, it is certainly a place of refreshment, light and peace. The church’s teaching on unapproved apparitions, is that one is free to visit them as long as the church finds nothing contrary to her teaching. Such is Medjugorje, don’t miss the opportunity!
Some of the frills of a European tour are left out of this package such as, televisions, wine at meals, excursions to other places, etc. because this is a trip to deepen one’s understanding of God and an encounter with Him at this point in your life. We stay with the Zovko family in Medjugorje, an American from Chicago whose father, Mr. Andrija Zovko, was native to Medjugorje. Our accommodations are simpler than a hotel and our meals are served family style. But, these are the qualities allowing the heart to be awakened and the spirit to stir within you. Therefore, please consider this pilgrimage with us in prayer and ask for an understanding of God’s will for you. We have been assisting pilgrims experience Medjugorje since 1990, through more than 60 pilgrimages in that span.”
– Fr. Charles Becker, Priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago